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OASIS/Banner Staff Access

Internet Native Baner (INB) Access for Staff

As the primary system used to perform critical University functions, many USF staff interact with Banner on a daily basis. Some use Banner to view data, while others perform data entry or other processes which modify data. These users interact with Banner at the application level. Other users may simply extract data from Banner tables to produce reports. These users access Banner at the database level.

Application Level

At the application level, users login to the Banner application directly and access data via web-based forms. These forms are grouped together within Banner as modules, each of which supports a specific University process. Each module is controlled by a Primary Process Owner (PPO) and it is the PPO for a given module who determines who may access data organized within that module, and whether those users may simply view or modify that data.

Access Types

  • Users with Query Access may view data in specified forms but cannot make changes or enter new data.
  • Users with Maintenance Access may view, insert, update, and delete data, depending on the level of access granted within specified forms. Update access to a specific module is usually reserved for staff within the PPO units although exceptions may be made at the discretion of the appropriate PPO.

Database Level Access

Some users may also be granted the ability to access information stored in database tables and views for reporting purposes. These users are assigned roles which enable them to query the database directly. Database, or reporter, access may be granted by itself, or in addition to application level access.

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